Furniture of House, Deportation or Repatriates

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The Customs Law authorizes the import of the furnitures of house, For customs effects in exemption, the regulation of the matter is considered to be a house furniture by the constituted one by secondhand goods, which they understand:

The grave goods and movable property of a House to serve as exclusive and proper use and regular treatment from a family (which does not stipulate a limit or maximum value) clothing, books, booksellers, works of art or scientific, which does not constitute complete collections for the installation of exhibitions or galleries, scientific instruments for professionals, as well as the tools of workmen and craftsmen , provided that are indispensable for the development of the profession, trade or profession.

Scientific instruments and tools that will enjoy this exemption, may not constitute a complete equipment for the installation of laboratories, clinics or workshops.


  1. Documents that prove that established domicile in the foreigner and that to the date of your request has based by a term minimum of 2 years. To this end, the applicant must submit the following documents:
  2. ​Credencial of elector, passport, consular registration.
  3. ​List of household goods, which shall contain a detailed description and the amount of the assets that comprise it. Electrical items, for example, indicate make, model and serial number.
  4. Document indicating the place where established his residence in national territory.

​Note: All articles must be used

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