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Classic Vehicles

In accordance with Part 3 of article 12 of the Agreement that establishes the classification and codification of goods whose import and export is subject to the requirement of prior permission by the Secretary of Economy, are exempt from the requirement of prior permission of import on the part of the Secretariat of Economy established in Articles 1ST AND 6th., of this Agreement, imports of vehicles whose serial number or model-year have an antiquity equal to or greater than 30 years prior to the current.

The process must be carried out before the customs office of entry through a customs agent, who makes the motion of final importation of the vehicle that enter by its customs of secondment, there remains a need to comply with the requirement that the person concerned is registered in the register of importers, provided that they are imported only one vehicle per year.

The request can only protect the vehicle import and any other merchandise.

The Customs Agent is a physical person to whom the Secretary of Finance and Credit Public authorised by a patent, to promote self-employed the dispatch of the goods, in the different customs regimes provided for in the Act of who hire their services, that is to say it is not an employee of the General Administration of Customs. The Customs Agent advises importers and exporters on the procedure and requirements that must be met for the customs clearance of goods such as: Regulations or non-tariff restrictions, preferential tariff rates, for the application of tariff benefits under the Treaties with various countries of which Mexico is a party. It also suggests different carrying options to find the best option, depending on the volumes, destinations and features of the same.

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