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From the year 2004 it is possible the importation of new vehicles free of tariffs from the United States, Canada and the countries of the European Union, in accordance with the treaties of the North America Free Trade Agreement and the European Union.

The import of the unit must carry out through an agency legally established, counting with the corresponding import for each vehicle motion.

Only can go to the country new vehicles, whose marketing first-hand, the model of the current year or which have 90 days of manufacture maximum, and that their travel is no more thousand kilometers. It is necessary to obtain the origin certificate to credit that the vehicles expire with the requisites of the trade agreements, that is to say, in case of the TLCAN that they count with 62.5 of components made of America of the north. On having entered to the country, the above mentioned vehicles will have to pay the taxes and federal and state rights applicable to the units that are commercialized in Mexico (ISAN, VAT, TENANCY). The purchaser must ensure that vehicles meet all the Mexican rules on identification and registration, gas emissions noise, safety, among others. When the import of vehicles is intended for marketing in national territory, the importer must comply with provisions of the official standard Mexican 160 regulatory elements for the marketing of new vehicles. This rule applies both to importers of new vehicles as to domestic manufacturers that carry out the sale of new vehicles within national territory.

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