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Can be imported vehicle whose year/model is 3 years preceding the year of import, always and when the number of vehicle identification corresponds to manufacture or assembly of the vehicle in the countries of Mexico, the United States or Canada, and without its being necessary to prior permission by the Secretariat of Economy.

For Example:

  • In the year 2016 from November vehicles previous to 3 years can be imported, that is to say, which model is of the year 2013 backwards.
  • In 2017 in November, to be imported vehicles whose model are 2014 backwards.

He is meant by year/model, year of manufacture, which covers the period between 1 November - 31 October of the following year.

Is classified according to the price of the Law of the General Taxation of import and export licenses in the following categories:

  • For transport of up to 15 people

  • For transport of goods

  • For the transport of 16 or more people

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