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Special vehicles or adapted constantly to the needs of persons with disabilities, as well as those that allow to replace or reduce the disability of a person, such as prosthetics, orthotics or any other technical assistance that adapts to the body of the person with disability.

Persons with disabilities may be imported definitively, for your personal use a vehicle every four years.


1. Original of the certificate issued by a health institution with official authorization to prove their disability, which should contain the following information:

a) Full name of the person with disabilities.
b) Full name of the person with disabilities.
c)Full name of the legal representative or the director general of the health institution that issued the constancy medical.
d) Address, telephone and the corresponding record as health institution. The document indicated in this fraction will not be able to have a greater antiquity to three months.

2. To request the SAT the exception of general tax of import.

3. Attach the detailed description of the adjustments made to the vehicle or characteristics that make it special (photographs that show these adaptations or characteristics).

4. Point out the detailed description of the vehicle (brand, model year and serial number).

Note: you can import any model and year of the vehicle.

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